Ghana 1 - 0 Ethiopia 🇬🇭

Why isn’t anyone talking about Ghana’s win against Ethiopia today in the World Cup Qualifiers? No hope in the current national team? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what happened to Kwadwo Asamoah? I liked that guy’s play.

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Nea mede b3hw3 Ghana match de3 anka mede bedi Banku. They say bring back the love but the love fall for soup inside.

Fact, Ghana didn’t play how we expected them to play they were just running saaa

CK Akonnor had no formation, no tactics and no plan so why support or talk about this weak team. The spirit is gone

Imagine we playing against Brazil, Spain or Germany eiii enka eka aba fie :joy::joy::joy:

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Ei did Ghana play match with Ethiopia yesterday? Herh the love is gone ampa I never knew they did​:joy::joy::joy:

No be small. Unless we place basket in our goal post to welcome the goals they will score us​:joy::joy::joy:

Which coach would you want to see handle Ghana? I prefer Akonnor to any imported coach.

You right but why don’t we try Kwabena Yeboah even though he’s not been a coach before but trust me the man is very tactical even when he speaks