GH₵100 appeal for funds to build National Cathedral trends on social media

Some social media users have expressed displeasure over the government’s call on Ghanaians to support the construction of a National Cathedral to be commissioned on March 6, 2024, with GH₵100 a month.
Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, while presenting the 2021 Mid-Year Budget Review Statement and Economic Policy on Thursday urged all, including Members of Parliament, to be part of the one million Ghanaians projected to support the initiative dubbed, ‘Ketewa biara nsua’ with GH₵100 a month.

He noted Ghanaians could support the noble cause by dialing the short-code *979#.

But this call, according to some Ghanaians, is misplaced. They say the government should rather look at raising revenue to improve the health and education sectors as well as provide Ghanaians with good roads and other social amenities.

For them, the aforementioned issues are matters that government should rally financial support for.
Below are some comments from Twitter:

So the big churches in Ghana cannot contribute to build a National Cathedral unless the poor citizens build it for them?

— John Mahamaba (@the__sadtruth) July 29, 2021
Did God ask nana to build
National Cathedral for him anaa. Which country kraaa this ahhh. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

— BLAKK GYNUIX (@jahnyc10) July 29, 2021
Ghana paaa deir play Dey wanna leaders demma eye top waaa.
How can you can and tell me to contribute 100gh every month for the construction of a National Cathedral?
Na at the end of the month how much manners Dey save? Did we make the promise with you?


It will trend , why won’t it? It is totally absurd and laughable to hear this from finance Minister. What were they thinking. The cathedral itself is a problem because Ghanaians need hospitals and functioning economy not church buildings

The finance minister spoke like a kid. They should have thought this through. His advisers has done him a great disservice. After robbing us with our taxes, they still want us to sacrifice our lives for them. If they indeed need Ghanaians to give them GHS100, they should first tell us what they use the monies in the covid trust fund for.

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