GFA president charges Premier League Coaches to dress well ahead of next season

Ghana FA president has Kurt Okraku has challenged Coaches in Ghana’s top-flight to dress properly as part of improving the brand for next season.

Kurt Okraku lambasted some coaches who dress improperly to games last season which he believes affects the Ghana Premier League brand.

Speaking at the UEFA Assist Programme organised for coaches last week the Ghana FA president pleaded with the coaches to take their personal branding seriously.

“Let’s be mindful of our post-match interviews, the way some of you coaches dress to appear for games is terrible”.

"Please, we are here to speak about the brand position and brand reposition.

“We are here speaking about adding value to the product we offer our consumers and you come to the game, not well dress”.

"You come to the game not properly dressed, please I will plead to you coaches to dress properly henceforth’.

He added: "Let’s be mindful of our post-match interviews, the way some of you coaches dress to appear for games is terrible.

:joy::joy::joy: how . Are they trying to tell them that they don’t know how to dress? Even some coaches at the internationals wear anything erhh . Ghana and their brouhaha

How much are coaches paid in Ghana , the entire sports ecosystem is lacking support and sponsorship to Cater for stakeholders in the sports administration in this country. Coaches will look good if they are paid good with other incentives

Instead of looking at how to make the teams strong and competitive in the league, the FA president is talking about dressing,. Is that our major problem as FA?

I dey weak sef … who does that . Focus on making head way in the games ahh na wos3 the coaches are not dressing well mtchww

Packaging also counts bro @Kwame_Kradi . How you package yourself is how people will treat or accept you. Some of the coaches dress so bad and haphazardly and it’s not funny . Let’s treat our league serious

If a coach can be naked and still win his matches, let him la. Dressing di3, it’s not as important as getting the league attractive and vibrant as it was in the 80s and early 90s.