Gagging for here?

I was commenting on other comments and suddenly, the admin says I can only
comment again after 14 hour GMT. Abeg , I’ve not started anything yet oo​:joy::joy::joy:

Facebook jail all self I go come so I’m an ex-convict seeking asylum here. Dear admin, please release me wai abeg, I want to make friends and enemies here as soon as possible. Thank you :joy::joy:

Wait, do you mean you got a notification from the system that you were posting too much? :smiley:

Because I personally didn’t ask anyone not to comment.

Bro @Kusie_Maame_Twe , it happens to everyone oo. The thing is from the system, it will stop as you continue from time to time. Now that you can post, it means you are free to do topics or replies

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Yes , wey kind thing that. Freedom of speech no dey here? :joy::joy::joy:
Can’t I post as much as I want anaa levels dey inside. I might be mistaking so feel free to educate me.

So who designed the system to do that? Systems are programed by a person or I’m I wrong?

OK I think I understand your original post now.

So what happened is this: Users that join OF are dedicated trust levels. When you join fresh, your trust level is 0. There are levels 0 through to 4. Each level gives you more privileges (as the system gets to trust you to give you more “powers” on the platform).

So don’t worry, the longer you stay and interact, the more privileges you’ll get. Everyone goes through it. No one is gagging you.


I set it this way. That way you wouldn’t have a new user come spam our forum with 1000 posts and leave the work for us to delete all posts or audit them. But if someone sticks around, we no they are in for the long haul so then we give them more privileges :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oohk I see am now though. I thought I was on a Taliban forum with extremist rules. No yawa​:v::v::ok_hand:

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Herr it happened to me too as for me I was imprisoned for 22 good hours