From 2nd Poorest Country to Fastest Growing Economy in the World | Sir Seretse Khama's Botswana

  • Was the second poorest country in the world when it gained independence from Great Britain in 1966

  • Vast majority of people were illiterate, there was no formal economy, and there were only 12 km of paved roads

  • Botswana today is the worlds largest producer of gem diamonds

  • Is the least corrupt country in africa

  • President Khama built an economy powered by the country’s three main resources (cattle, copper, diamonds).

  • He also implemented a strong judicial and legislative system with effective checks and balances.

  • His administration put pragmatism over ideology, adopting business friendly policies like low corporate and income taxes, and low import tariffs

  • by the mid 1970s, botswana was making so much money that the government was running at a budget surplus

  • Thanks to his efficient and relatively corruption-free civil service the khama administration successfully invested his income into building the country’s infrastructure and setting up free hospitals, public schools, and universities.

  • In order to boost this meat industry the government provided subsidies to cattle farmers, built slaughterhouses, subsidized treatment for livestock, and constructed cattle ranches

  • after passing from cancer, his vice president took office and continued good governance which has continued to today

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After watching this video, I’m even more convinced Ghana is underperforming among her peers. The likes of Botswana and Rwanda are making serious progress. Are we cursed or what?

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I try to stay positive but at this point im tired. it feels like a curse. I don’t think things will ever change until Ghanaians truly rise up against corruption. everyone is just trying to get by as things get worse instead of pushing for change. and of course, when people do push for change and accountability of the government, they get told they should “fix themselves” first lmfao.

at this point, i dont even know. theres been so many times ive called certain things out and people attack me saying im being ungrateful or trying to mess up their “peace” lmfao. ghanaians dont even know what they want or deserve.

It must be nice though, botswana was blessed with a visionary leader with integrity from the very beginning, then his successor also continued on his positive path. hm.

@Emp_Sel @Danny @Atinga you see what I’ve been telling you guys everyday? Ghanaians don’t know what they deserve/want. If they did, politicians won’t be taking them for granted and they won’t celebrate mediocrity.

@ruffrider is still very hopeful though, for some reason…


I actually take that last point back lmao, I’m still hopeful, but a lot of that hope is based on delusion lmao. I just don’t think I can ever give up on my home. So many times I just think of leaving everything so I can stop stressing myself, but I can’t lmao. i think part of why we are where we are is because so many people have given up subconsciously. there’s no fighting spirit lol.

OK naturally as a citizen, you’d be hopeful, no choice. But if you say you’re hopeful, then it means you expect things to be better in your lifetime, while you’re still alive… to me that’s not possible. let’s say you have 60 more years to live to see the Ghana we all want to see… 60 years will still not be enough. So if the “hope” is after your time on earth… it’s hopeless! There’s no hope if we can’t witness the change in our lifetime. I’m being more of a realist than a pessimist here. :sweat_smile:

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That’s for sure and I kinda have this same problem with my people. Pathetic!

People from our side of the world are just surviving, we don’t like progress and we don’t care about anything, so long as we have food and shelter we are okey. It’s sad :disappointed:

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