Friends With Benefit

Is it normal for a girl to tell a guy she want to be friends with benefit but not a relationship nor friendship. Therefore, if I can’t then I should forget about her. I ask her why: she said she doesn’t want to stress me or to see me sad. If you were to be me what will you do guys.


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Best advice don’t do it, you’ll end up hurting yourself. It’ll be very hard to do, but you need to let her go


HMMM… thanks bros… but i don’t wanna see her go too :sleepy:

For me, it’s a welcoming news. I will agree to it and work on making her fall completely in love with me. Just taking it one day at a time. I will do my best to be detached a little bit so I don’t get my heart shattered when my expectations aren’t met.

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okay bros. thanks for that

Welcome to OF @Bhra_Wizzy :heart:

I can understand how this issue can be difficult for most people. Best thing but the hardest thing is to stop seeing her. I mean you want to advance to a real relationship but she doesn’t so she probably has a different agenda. Once she’s told you to forget a relationship, if I were you, I’d forget her completely. Not even being friends “with benefits” with her.

The closer you stick to her, the more you’ll grow emotionally attached and the easier it’ll be for you to get hurt in the future. To avoid this, cut her out completely and instead spend your time and effort on someone who’ll be willing to give you want you want.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea no matter how hard it feels to let go of the one fish dangling off your hook.


She will fall for you with time dear. For her taking the step to be friends with benefits is a way to have you around her it also shows that She is interested in but there is a hindrance either she has trust problem, afraid to get broken heart or she is not ready for commitment and wants to know you well before getting into a relationship with you .
Note that you will get to be intimate with her, and ladies it’s not just the sex it’s the person and the place so relax and show her that you love her with time she will come around and know what a great guy you are

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thank you @siaw… for the advice

some of the ladies are quiet smart oo knowing very well she cant date the guy just tell him rather than being friends with benefit and she definitely knows what she can benefit from the guy. so i see it not to be normal charlie.

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Hello there, @Bhra Wizzy welcome in the first place.

I don’t believe the lady truly desires to be with you. Come on, you deserve better. She doesn’t want you to be stressed or depressed, as she stated. Maybe she has a lot of friends with benefits, and that’s going to hurt you. Because you’re buddies, you’ll probably hang out outside of the bedroom, which means you’ll see her flirting with other people. While this may not be a problem for some, it might cause jealousy in others ( and you can be one of them), even if you are rationally aware that you are not in a monogamous relationship.
I concur with @Felix Ansah. You will wind up injuring yourself.

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ohhh bros… say again ooo

It simply means she’s not meant for you. You will overcome her. Don’t jeopardize your happiness. Be grateful she’s been open with you.