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Free way to export WhatsApp contacts?

Is there a way I can export my WhatsApp contacts into text or a spreadsheet from my phone for marketing purposes?

I think you can do this through some third-party apps but usually there’s a limit with how many contacts you can export unless you upgrade to premium.

You can check out this website: How to Export WhatsApp Contacts?

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Thanks for the help @Emp_Sel :slight_smile:

iTransor looks like it had some promise, but I am not so sure, the best and safer option seems tobe the one with premium for no limitation but as the title said, I am looking for something free :sob::sob::sob:

You know with softwares, only few of them gives you full options for free. Anyway, let’s keep digging, we might get a better one.

Yassss!, lets keep digging!!. I Hope we find something cool. I want to transfer over 10k WA contacts and…

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