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FPL before International Break

Hi y’all. So I just want to know how tall set up your team,who you’ll drop or add to your team. Who you consider as a differential,a must-have and all that. I know there’s about 11 days before the next EPL match but I want to ask ahead of time so that we all will be certain before then. Plus I’m in some Leagues with prizes at stake so this year is a must win for me😂. We could even create a league if y’all are interested. Please,your thoughts…

Maybe you should hook up with @kennedyantwi on this post Omanbaforum fantasy premier league

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Thank you very much. I’ll check him out

league has already been created

What’s the league code please

This bi the code tl5yrx bro. Make wild den join.

Check this post out


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@kingsleymyself our squad so far.

Thank you very much :relaxed:

the code is tl5yrx. join as soon as possible

creating a league is okay

hi @strider, welcome to OF! Hope you enjoy your stay.

You can join the OmanbaForum Fantasy League if you want.

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