Former DJ in court for inciting South Africa unrest

A well-known former radio DJ in South Africa has been denied bail after appearing in court on charges of inciting violence that followed the jailing of ex-President Jacob Zuma.
In a video on social media, Ngizwe Mchunu – a staunch supporter of Mr Zuma – called for the former president to be released.

Mr Mchunu has denied intending to create unrest.

Prosecutors say he is one of about a dozen key instigators of the violence that left more than 200 people dead and thousands of businesses looted.

Mr Zuma is serving 15 months in prison for contempt of court.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s transport minister has denied the looting was a result of failure by the government to address economic problems.
In an interview with BBC HardTalk, Fikile Mbalula described the disturbances as a well-orchestrated attempted coup.


I read this story yesterday I was in disbelieve that a whole influencial person , a DJ with large following will come out and make such irresponsible statement.

The happenings in South Africa calls for calm and diplomacy but not inflammation of passion.

He is acting like shatta wale. When everyone is thinking to the right,he is either not thinking or only thinking to the left

When you a star , you use your influence to change society and it’s bad behavior. Don’t use it to incite people. Genocides happen often in africa because of some of these things. The dj should be made to face the consequences of his actions

These celebs don’t know that the actions they put out affect numerous of people because of the kind of followers they have , some of these die hard fans will do anything to please them. They are like gods to them

Celebrities are role models to a lot of people. We look up to them in many ways. The things they say can incite people because of that loyalty. It is important that they mind their words especially when touching on incendiary issues such this.

We wey the street make hot :fire::fire: give us…make I do anything to please a celebrity?
At times, I can’t think far when some of them go to the extent of tattooing their faces on their body. And they call themselves die hard fans…but u dey hung…die hard fan go put food for ur table. Let me think about myself jorrrrrr