Form 3 pupil, 16, beaten to death for allegedly having 6 boyfriend

Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Maxwell Takuva, has sentenced a 27-year-old man from Gweru in Zimbabwe to eight years in prison for beating his 16-year-old sister to death after accusing her of being promiscuous.

Terrence Tarisai of Clifton Park, who was convicted after pleading not guilty to the mürder of his sister Tryphine, was said to have beaten her to death after discovering through her Whatsapp messages that the Form 3 teen was dating six boyfriends.

It was gathered that on July 22, 2020, Tarisai returned home and discovered that Tryphine was absent and had left her 10-year- old sister alone.

Tryphine, who was a Form 3 student at Ascot High School in Gweru, returned home at around 6:00PM. She told her brother that she had been at the shops.

However, Tarisai who did not believe her, grabbed her phone and went through her WhatsApp messages where he discovered that she was dating multipe boyfriends. He threatened to beat her up accusing her of being promiscuous.

Tryphine fled home and sought refuge at her aunt’s place in Mtapa Section 7, Gweru. The next morning, the aunt accompanied Tryphine back home.

Even after having a talk with their aunt, Tarisai flogged her with a black cord and told her to call all her boyfriends and end their relationship. He continued flogging her thereafter.

After being disciplined, Tryphine complained that she was feeling cold and was put in bed by her aunt. She died in her sleep a few hours later leading to the arrest of Tarisai.
Justice Takuva was said to have dismissed the mürder charge against Tarisai, but found him guilty of culpable homicide instead.

Ruling on the case, the High Court judge lamented the increase in cases of excessive use of force against minors during disciplining. According to The Herald, Justice Takuva said:

“There is need for parents and guardians to avoid excessive force when disciplining their children because it leads to unnecessary loss of life. A young life was lost unnecessarily. The accused is found guilty of culpable homicide and is sentenced to eight years in prison. A year of his sentence is suspended on condition of good behaviour.”

Ahh this is very sad and I think 8 years is too small

Glad this didn’t happen in Ghana. Sad this happened in Africa. In most most African countries, sex is regarded as a taboo. The age of consent in Zimbabwe is 16. If kids have sex at the age, the best you can do for them as a guardian is to guide them so they do it safely. But I know my African brothers and the way they think… there’s no easy way to educate the masses.


It’s very sad to see things like this happening in Africa in this 21st century. Over here in Africa, having a boyfriend or girlfriend alone is even seen as a taboo not to talk of sex.
This things happens because, our system is made in such a way that, the moment one is seen or is suspicious of having a boyfriend or girlfriend then probably they’ve started having sex which might not even be the issue.
Most parent in Africa are afraid to lecture their children about sex thinking it will expose them to sex earlier and this has over the years being the cause of most teenage pregnancies recorded in Africa cos many don’t have any idea about abstinence or protecting oneself from sex whiles growing.

I wonder why people are still behaving like they are not matured. So now loosing your blood sister because of your stupidity. Come to think of it oo, is he not having a girlfriend also? Why do such an act. Me kraaa the 8yrs is too small for him. Like some 30yrs will do .

Yeah I agree with you, 8 years is so small. Most African parents or guardians must change how we generally sees one having boyfriend or girlfriend to be a crime or something of that sort.
In my home too, I was never thought about having a girlfriend or sex if it wasn’t school that thought as about adolescence which comes with boyfriend/girlfriend and sex generally. We need to change that mindset and face the fact that adolescent comes with boyfriend/girlfriend and sex as a whole.

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Sometimes you’ll think about issues like this and wonder the kind of mindset some people have. Which constitution prohibits one, no matter the age of the person to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? There’s none but I don’t know why most African parents or society have adopted this kind of mindset over the years.
This man needs to be jailed for more than the years given to him to show everyone that one having multiple boyfriends/girlfriends no matter the age isn’t a crime that is punishable by law.

Hmmm bro the beatings I chop before ern only God knows

:joy::joy::joy: start early that be why.

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Ah chale how u go dey school for years without having one :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just look at this, receiving beatings of your life simply because you have a girlfriend :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Buh even in Ghana now this things don’t work anymore. Because this children this days the things they are doing erhh, but they are allowed that freedom. And also I think in Africa we don’t have this parents and child relationship like that . It’s very difficult to see that relationships in Africa . They’re always busy with work so even most children find it difficult to discuss things with their parents

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How safe is safe @siaw. Please elaborate

You can teach teenagers who have reached the age of consent to use contraceptives. There are contraceptives that will save one from STIs or unwanted pregnancies. This is not a hard thing to do.

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So if I understand what you mean, you’re saying it’s okey for them to explore when they’ve reach an age of consent per regulations. But they’ve to protect themselves right . My questions is how safe is the recommendations, the condoms, the contraceptives ,whatever, why not teach them or educate them on totally avoiding it, prevention is better

@KhodedBoss2 who told you hmm u don’t know kraaa

Bro @siaw u’re right but some parents wouldn’t do that and even receiving call kraa they will talk.
I’m 22yrs but I don’t make calls when they’re around :joy::joy::joy:

The problem we’re refusing to understand is, when kids reach a certain age, they become sexually active. They start to develop sexual tension. It’s biological. One way or another, they’ll find a means to explore and have sex. Sex is a natural thing among animals. Why would you want to prevent someone from having it, instead of guiding them? If contraceptives are not safe, then nothing is. Driving is unsafe too then.

Sex shouldn’t be something to teach teenage kids to avoid. If you have a toddler, and they start walking at 12 months, what do you do. You encourage them, guide them and support them. They try to walk, stumble and fall. At 12 months isn’t it to early to try to walk? That’s unsafe, they could stumble and fall and hit their head. What’s a parent to do, knowing walking is inevitable? Sex is the same way, at some point, they’ll have sex. You should guide them.

The urge to have sex in teens of consent age is biological, they start to develop hormones that make them want to explore their bodies, teaching them to avoid sex is like suppressing a biological process in my opinion.

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Parents and child relationship in Africa is very poor. Parents who are more experienced when it comes to matters like this are failing to teach their children because they fear they might be curious to engage themselves in such acts.
With most parents being busy with work and having little or no time to for their children is another thing worth discussing. I know of one woman who leaves home on Mondays for work and comes back on Saturdays. She has two kids with the oldest being 18. So in this kind of situation how many times does the teenager get the chance to discuss matters like this with his mom.

Hmmmm this are some of the things we should avoid when we grow. Like me I don’t discuss anything with my dad. It’s only my mom that I discuss things with

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