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We can share and discuss our love for everything vehicular (Cars, Bikes, Quads, etc). What car are you drizzing now? Which will u wanna drive in a year, 2 or 5 years? Who knows, you might just buy your dream car from one of us.

So, lets get it on!

My choice of cars still stands. Lexus 570 or Land Cruiser V8. I see them in my dream everyday. :grinning:


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hahaha cool bro, that’s definitely an authentic and all-terrain vehicle

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Another version, just can’t get enough

check the 2022 land cruiser 300 out, the 70th model/anniversary @Emp_Sel

These parliamentarians though…oh Gott!

Damn! This is sleek. :smiley:

Just wait small and see :joy::joy:

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They will convene over this soon, oh ya br3!

And this my brother @Emp_Sel is your very own, the Lexus LX 2022
The icing on the cake

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The 2022 BMW X9 M sport
those headlights and rear exhaust tho

Rolls Royce Mansory Ghost V12, now this is the definition of a wild Sedan

Germany is simply unstoppable. We need to promote Kantanka motors guys through YouTube. Business idea: someone go get into an agreement with them, test their vehicles on youtube for the world to see


Well Done Yes GIF by Minions

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Sound like something we can do

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Masa cut your coat according to your size :rofl::rofl::rofl:… if you buy this car and it reaches the port you won’t have money to take it out and they’ll auction it for 5000GHS :crazy_face:

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Let’s see what’ll happen :joy::joy: