FixTheCountry demo staged outside Ghana High Commission in London

The reach and influence of the #FixTheCountry campaign have not been limited to only the immediate inner borders of Ghana, as some Ghanaians in the diaspora have latched onto it.

Ahead of the #FixTheCountry demonstration in Accra on August 4, Ghanaians in London are outside the Ghana High Commission expressing their displeasure with the running of the country

In the videos that have been shared on Facebook, it shows two groups on opposite sides of the street: one for the demonstration, and the other for the supporters of the government.


We will continue to protest until something is done about the difficulties in this country. We can’t have a president who turned deaf ears to the cries of the people. The protest will happen wherever the president goes and there Ghanaians.

Someone is asking why they are demonstrating in UK , the reason is that the Ghanaians living in UK wants good governance and Ghana to be fixed so they can come and settle. They want to be able to ship things to Ghana and be able to pay low duty. Essentially, the system and the country needs to be fixed