First Lady commissions “Waiting area" at Korle-bu

Speaking at the commissioning of the facility also known as the waiting lounge, the first lady recounted what prompted the call for a waiting area.

She said the-rebecca-foundation-donates-hospital-beds-to-korle-bu-ridge-and-37-military-hospital commissioned the Rebecca Akufo-Addo Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Korle Bu, she noticed many visitors sitting under trees and other uncomfortable places. She expressed desire to Dr Okoe Boye, who was the Board Chair of Korle Bu at the time, to find a solution.

Several corporate institutions were approached, including the First Atlantic Bank, to build a waiting area for Korle Bu. Fortunately, the proposal for a waiting area was in line with the Corporate Social objectives of the bank.

The beautiful place can comfortably sit a hundred and fifty people, wash rooms, as well as banking solutions for those who might require financial services. It will also bring a huge relief to visitors, as well as the management of Korle Bu.

First lady Rebeca Akufo-Addo charged the Management of Korle Bu to ensure that the place is well maintained and also entreated visitors, who will use the waiting area to keep it clean and adhere to the required protocols for the use of

On his part, the CEO of Korle bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Opoku Ware Ampomah also stated that the facility will go a long to serve the one thousand five hundred visitors who visit Korle Bu hospital.

Board chairman of First Atlantic Bank, Amarquaye Amar also expressed hope that the waiting lounge will remain “fit-for-purpose” to lessen distress and fatigue that the general public experience when they visit Korle Bu.

The Rebecca Foundation in February this year, donated Hospital beds to the Korle- Bu Teaching, Ridge and the 37 military Hospitals to help increase the capacity of these facilities to manage intake of COVID 19, patients.


Laudable. For the first time I am in love with something done by the first lady. This is good. We need more of this in the coming years. Ghana first. Just hope the typical Ghanaian attitude will not transform the place into something else in no time.

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Madam first lady, we hail u for the work done. Continue to do more than we can imagine.:clap::clap::clap::clap:

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So this why she needed to be paid by governments every month. So you do good with your foundation and you want to get paid … eii this woman just keep doing good …God bless her

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