Felix Afena-Gyan: The rise and rise of Mourinho’s darling boy

Ghanaian teenager Felix Afena-Gyan climbed off the bench to score two late goals to give AS Roma a vital victory over Genoa on Sunday.

The 18-year-old was introduced by Jose Mourinho with 15 minutes to go as the game was deadlocked.

With less than 10 minutes remaining, Afena-Gyan finally had his chance as Henrikh Mkhitaryan played him through on goal. The Ghanaian side-footed a low-grounded effort into the bottom corner to give Roma a lead.

Incidentally, that goal meant the striker becomes the first player born after 1/1/2003 to have scored a goal in Serie A.

Afena-Gyan doubled his tally with the last kick of the game picking up a loose ball before placing his effort into the top corner from more than 25 yards.

It was Afena-Gyan’s third substitute appearance for the Roma senior team after being promoted in October.

The player also said: “I felt it was too early for me to answer the call from the national team because I need to grow, physically but also mentally and psychologically.”

“I also thought it was important for me to stay in Trigoria to accumulate training under [Jose] Mourinho’s orders, to continue improving and growing.”

Afena-Gyan essentially spent two weeks with Mourinho as the Portuguese tactician continued to fine-tune the youngster.

In the first game after the break, it comes as no surprise Afena-Gyan already looks a different player.

The Mourinho factor

One key man has been behind Afena-Gyan’s prominent rise at Roma and that is Mourinho. For a player who wasn’t exposed to a lot of professional football in his youthful days, one would have thought he would need more time to adopt especially in a new country.

However, Mourinho seems to have taken special interest in the development of the teenager.

After making his debut against Cagliari, Mourinho revealed why he was very interested in integrating the Ghanaian into the first team.

“With Felix, tomorrow he is a player who is not registered for the Conference League. But he is a player with qualities that we don’t really have in the squad. He’s a player who looks for opportunities that we don’t often try to exploit.

“We have a lot of players who want the ball at the feet; we don’t have many who look for the spaces to run into. I like him because of how he tries to run into space and how he works out on the pitch. How he presses. He’s aggressive in the spaces.

Felix Afena-Gyan likely to reject debut Black Stars call-up

The Ghanaian made his debut against Cagliari

“He is a long, long way from being the finished product – a long way from being a complete player and a long way from being the perfect player to start for a team like Roma. But he is a player that deserves to be worked with and deserves a chance to play.

“It’s good for him that he is training with us, just as it is good for other players.”

When Afena-Gyan scored his first goal on Sunday evening, the 18-year-old run to Mourinho to celebrate with him.

After the game, Mourinho explained why: “I had promised to buy Felix the shoes he really likes, which are really expensive, they cost €800, so he ran over and told me not to forget! Tomorrow morning, the first thing I do is buy him the boots.”

So we have guys like this and Jordan Ayew is in Black Stars first 11. :man_facepalming:t5:

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