Father, daughter arrested for pounding fufu on Pokuase Interchange

A 60-year-old man and his daughter have been arrested for allegedly operating an eatery, popularly known as “chop bar” on the pavement of the newly constructed Pokuase Interchange.

They were arrested after a video of a man pounding fufu, a popular local dish of usually cassava and plantain served with soup, went viral.

In the video a man and a woman are seen pounding the fufu by the recently outdoored interchange, with many social media users condemning them for indiscipline.

Confirming the arrest, the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ms Juliana Obeng gave the names of those arrested as Kwame Addo, the operator of the eatery, and Comfort Dartey, 32, his daughter.
DSP Obeng said preliminary investigations by the police indicated that Addo operates the chop bar only at night. The pair have since been cautioned and charged for causing nuisance after they were interrogated by police investigators.

The pestle and mortar used by the couple have also been carted to the Accra Regional Police Command.

Apart from the chop bar operator, a number of food vendors and other traders have taken over parts of the interchange.

The four-tier Pokuase Interchange which is the first of its kind in West Africa, and the second on the continent, was officially opened to traffic on Friday, 9th July, 2021, by President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. It was funded by the African Development Bank.

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The system is not working. What were they thinking? Anyway, this I believe is a minor offence and I hope when released, they’ll do things differently.


There are a lot of other people doing the same thing in prohibited public places but the autthorities pretend they don’t see. This has become talk of the town because social media made a news out of it. Who polices some of these public places to make sure nothing untoward happens?

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It’s trues , the system is full of laxity from every rank and file of the society. We need to look at the way we do things in Ghana again.

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@Sandy I really admire how you look at issues and how you disect them. You see , you are spot on when you say the system is weak and lax because until the social media started talking about this , the woman was opeating on the pokuasi pavement from months now. The leaders are alway sleeping.