Farmer by day, nurse at night

He goes by the name Michael Otchere Fordjour, He is a professional nurse at the St. Luke Hospital, Kasei via Ejura. He was recently posted to his station of work and decided to enter into farming due to government not paying monthly salaries. Ms. Michael joined his colleague Nurse who has been into maize and beans farming for about 5 years.

Ms. Michael has really developed interest in the agricultural sector. Though he doesn’t have all the necessary equipments to enhance work efficiency and efficacy, he uses the tools at hand.

Ms. Michael and his friend this season harvested 4 bags of maize. However, it is not encouraging hence with much support can harvest more than 20 bags of maize or beans.

This really inspired me and a photographer. I decided to visit him at the farm.

This picture was taken at around 5pm when Ms. Michael had closed from a hectic morning shift.

PC: @tikese_phototgraphy

GOD BLESS FARMERS, GOD BLESS GHANA​:ghana: :ghana: :ghana: :ghana:

Chale man for do so many things to survive. Real hustle is the best and you will even be happy more in life. Keep it up :+1:

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Nice. What camera do you use?

The watermark is distracting where it is though I think.

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Eiiish technician nieee. Me as I see the pic dey go on. You are into photography I guess @kod

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Man is entitled to survive by all means :fist:t4: Buh the pic too dey go on!!! I’ll invite the ofoto at my gym center

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Yes please, u can link up for any gig though

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I’m a nikon shooter. The watermark chill for gimme man


Ok I’m the Ofoto :smiley:, u can link on IG @tikese_photography

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This are the people that needs support from the government. Yet what our politicians know is going in for loans from foreign countries to buy themselves V8s. I love his determination and I’m hoping someone who is capable of helping comes to his aid.

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