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Fantasy Premier League is back! OF FPL 3.0

Hey gang, Fantasy Football is here again so get your squad ready. First Game Week starts Friday, August 11.

Click the link below to auto join

Good luck!

I must win this time around.


Absolutely, we dey paaaa :joy:

Nice nice
Your team make ready?

@Paa_Jaylo have you built your squad yet?

I don’t know how it works

I’ll send you a link that teaches you basically everything you need to know. You have any questions, just ask

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Okay my boss, thank you

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Herh, dis guy dey? :rofl:

Joe Biden Shock GIF by GIPHY News

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I’m still in the building process and the team I’m building will shock you all. The funny thing about this is, I will end up being the last too after the whole tournament :joy::joy:

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Bro it’s being so long since we last heard from you :grinning:

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Adey around oo senior :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yes it has really been long. I think my last appearance was in 2021.

Wow that’s so longer than I thought. By the way, it’s good to have you back :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you sir. It’s good to be back

So I have built my squad. What do I do next?

Okay nice. Click on the link and you’ll join the league.

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I think I’ve already joined the league. The name is Thunderstrike FC (Don’t judge me please :joy::joy:)