Faking illness is an old trick: Owusu Bempah is on a scripted drama, we know how it will end

Many Ghanaians were not a bit surprised about the report that, the arrested and caged Rev. Owusu Bempah had taken to ill and detained for medical treatment at the Ghana Police Service hospital after he was denied bill by a court earlier in the afternoon of yesterday.

As soon as the court was adjourned, Netizens flooded social media with an event they predicated would happen. They say, the old trick, were politicians and other big men fake illness once arrested and detained, and get transported to the hospital to avoid the discomfort of the police cells will be dramatized by the handlers of the ‘man of God’.

Lo and behold, it came to pass. Soon after the court session, barely four hours after the founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministries was denied bail and remanded into police custody by the Accra High Court, he was reported to have suddenly taken ill. He was then rushed to the Police Hospital, where he was admitted under armed police guard.

He was said to have been handcuffed to his sickbed while a police guard was stationed by him to ensure that he does not escape pending his discharge.

Sources at the Police Hospital revealed that he had been calling on friends in higher offices within the corridors of power to plead with them to get at least the handcuffs off him as he receives medical attention, but that also failed.

Those who bet on this prediction had won. Indeed, the book of this old trick had been opened and set in motion.

We already know what will happen next. In the next court date, his supposed medical condition will be the excuse of his counsel. His lawyer is going to present a deteriorating health situation, where the court will sympathise with his on health grounds and offer him a bail. On his next appointed court date, he will refuse to appear citing, again, health issues.

If the judge insists on the right thing, pushing for justice, she will be replaced. Note this!

This is how the administration of justice in this country has turned out to be. I don’t have to waste your time giving examples. Just remind yourself of the Kenendy Agyapong case where he insulted a sitting Judge. The same script is at play.

For those who think there is going to be any semblance of justice in this Man-of-God’s criminal conduct, please lower your expectation. You will be disappointed.