Even your kings haven’t seen this car before; Twene Jonas jabs critics as he display $1.5 million bentley

Twene Jonas is at it again as he throws jabs at people who hate him for his truth insults. Doing that, he showed off his car and said, even the king’s of his hatters have never seen that type of car before.

In his video, he was walking around in the city, recording displaying live on facebook when it begun to rain he quickly run to the other side where he packed his car.

Around the car, he began to brag and told Ghanaians that, they always say he is a hungry man on the street looking for coins to buy food. But he is making it clear to everyone that he is very rich and has been able to buy a car that even the kings have never seen before.

“To those who hate the truth. You know your leaders are not doing the right thing. So allow me to insult them ok?”. He stated.

“Even your Kings have never seen this car before”. “But I am using it just like that”.

Source: cbgist.com