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Couple of weeks ago my aunt had woken up with a very sharp pain in her side and ended up going to the hospital for it turned out to be nothing serious( she had thought her appendix had bust the pain was that bad) but when I had went to see her I saw something very shocking, her boss of her store actually showed up in person to wish her better. My aunt has been in the same business past 30 years of her life and is really good at it but I was just surprised to see the store manager go up there on their own time to see her( also gave her a nice set of flowers).I also work and know for a fact not one single manager would show up for regular associate for any reason at all sad to say. I was just wondering if in any of your jobs would your boss do this for you?


I don’t live in Ghana so I don’t know. The culture in Ghana would be different for sure but in Europe this is nothing special. Coworkers, bosses, managers etc reach out to sick/injured coworkers. With flowers, wishes, cards etc. I’d be surprised if what you described happened in Ghana.


Hmmm Africa only few wl do that and I could remember I had a motor accidents I quote “accidents” none of my coworkers pay a respect for me

Sorry bro, I can imagine how you felt when you walked back into that same environment after healing.

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In Ghana, the hunger drives people crazy, so most of the time everyone is left to fend for themselves and the end result is selfishness because no one is sure about tomorrow