Elmina: We are sorry for rejecting your food items – Fishermen to Hawa Koomson

Fishermen in Elmina in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem District in the Central Region have apologized for rejecting some food items provided by the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Mavis Hawa Koomson.

In an interview with Kasapa News the Elmina Best Fisherman John Badu condemned the hostility from his colleague fishermen against the Minister and apologized to her.
This is unfortunate and we are really sorry for what happened. It’s a poor spectacle and I condemn unequivocally the behaviour of the fishermen. She’s our mother and I plead with her to forgive us.”

The angry fishermen jeered and booed at the Minister and her entourage who had packed bags of rice and gallons of cooking oil ready for distribution them.

They chanted war songs indicating their protest. “Yeengye oooo yennngye oooooo,” meaning, “we will not accept them, we will not collect them.”

The Minister’s entourage had no option other than to pack the items back into a waiting pick-up truck.

Not even the intervention of the Omanhen of the Edina Traditional Area, Nana Kwodwo Conduah, could change the minds of the fishermen.

The Fishermen contended that Madam Koomson abandoned them when the season was closed for a month and did not see the need for the supposed kind gesture from the Minister after they had endured the season which is almost over.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com

Whether they apologize or not, they have already driven their consent home safely. She should just accept it and make a quick turn to address the demand of the people. Their problems is not a matter of rice and oil. Whether she accepts the apologies or not they have done the worse already. But in the first place, why should they even apologize…? Is she a God?

But only one man spoke Why said ‘Fishermen apologized’? For all we know he is a party faithful who is trying to damage control. His views can’t be said to represent that of the entire fishermen in Elmina.

The people of Komenda are confused people. The hostility shown by these fishermen towards Hawa Koomson, the fishries minister is unacceptable. You refused her gifts and food items because you wanted her to allow you to fish with light in the sea.