Election 2024 is a must-win for NDC - Ofosu Ampofo

The Chairman of the National Democratic Congress has said the party will come back much stronger in 2024 to ensure victory in the presidential election.

He noted that “it will take hard work and determination” for the NDC to break the 8-year-opposition cycle.

Ofosu Ampofo speaking on Accra-based Kingdom FM said “The analysis, the way forward, 2024 Election Focus,” he noted that the ruling NPP has failed the country. He maintained that corruption has become the order of the day under President Akufo-Addo.”

He has, therefore, called on all members of the NDC to do their bit to ensure that they unset the ruling government comes 2024.

He further intimated that although the road to recapture the presidential seat might be tough, all and sundry must get on board to ensure that they save the country from the NPP.

Source : pulse.com

The National chairman of the opposition NDC has hit the nail right on it’s head. The NDC must work hard in coming back to power in 2024. They must not be complacent as they did in 2016 and 2020 general elections. Underground works must commence now so as to be well prepared before 2024.
Sun Tzu said in the ART OF WAR:

" Don’t depend on the enemy not coming; Depend rather on being ready for him."

The people of Ghana have now realized the mess they have created for choosing the old man again to be their leader. No way for him 2024 even the pulpit and he himself knows it.

The old man by law is retiring in 2024. The danger is in who comes next after him. Is it Bawumia or Alan? None of this candidates will be better than the old man. So, we need the NDC TO COME BACK ONE MORE TIME so we see how it goes.

Is this kind of statements that infuriates me, you’ve had the country for over 10years and the result wasn’t as pleasing. Now you stand here and claim you want to save us. Save us to what?

It might not be as pleasing as you wanted but it is far better than the one we are seeing now. NDC’s administration may suck, but with Nana Addo, this is a calamity. The worse in the history of Ghana. Let’s face it.

Oh yh…This government has sucked and is still sucking us. It will be more dangerous if we still give them the power in 2024.
NDC must come and change the rythem even though it’s won’t be easy; because alot of economic damages have been created by the NPP.

Ofosu Ampofo should also be reminded that Ghanaians will vote based on credentials and track records of successive governments. 2024 elections is a must win for NDC and NPP depending on who is serious to lead. To win the elections, NDC must start working hard from the grassroots , research to know why the lost 2020 elections, make amends and come back strong. NPP is not a sleeping party you know.