Educated fools and disappointed graduates shouting “#FixTheCountry” should fix themselves – Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has waded into the #FixTheCountry debate as he describes the activists calling on government to do the needful as, “educated fools and disappointed graduates.”

In a series of posts on Facebook on Tuesday, the multiple award-winning singer wrote: “Educated fools and disappointmented [sic] graduates saying #FixTheCountry. Fix yourself cheap thinkers.”

Born Charles Nii Armah Mensah, the singer said the country’s problem is its youth who cannot stand up and fight for themselves.

He said aggrieved youth engaging in social media activism won’t get anywhere if they don’t fix themselves.

In the last few months, Ghanaian youth have taken to social media to demand accountability, good governance and better living conditions from government.

FixTheCountry advocacy which began in May has garnered huge support since campaigners, largely the youth, have been highlighting some of the inadequacies in the country.

Government in its response to the aggrieved youth outlined initiatives it has implemented including the Nation Builders’ Corp (NABCO), National Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) to build the human capital in the country.

But the protestors say the impact of these initiatives have not been felt on the ground.

Attempts by the campaigners to embark on a street protest have been foiled by the police through a court action but the campaign continued unabated online.

The recent murder of one of the #FixTheCountry activists by a mob in Ejura in the Ashanti Region appears to have strengthened the resolve of the campaigners, who point to the killing of Mohammed Kaaka as a symptom of Ghana’s rotten social fabric and political system.


Shatta wale has been a confused and inconsistent artist in Ghana. We want better life for the youth and you sit there to say we are educated fools. You say you are for the street but you are insulting the street for prostesting

Your mouth gbaaaaaaa wai shatta. When the youth of the country are on their toes trying to compel the government to do the right thing, you are also adding to the problem. Do u think everyone can sing mahama paper :scroll:, pahpahpahpah ,Wu mametwe etc? That is why some us chose to go to school. And here lies the case the country is fucked up. No jobs for the youth . You better shut the fuck up… confused artise.

Do you think an artiste who is hooked on all kinds of drugs can say anything reasonable? Please no. Kume Preko was the name given to an demonstration that occurred in Ghana in 1995 led by Akuffo Addo and Charles Wereko Brobbey against the Jerry John Rawlings administration. The biggest demonstration ever in the history of the country. What wrong have the fix the country campaigners committed by demanding that the government regroup and solve the plights of the people? If he is not a fan, he should shut his mouth.

Shatta shatta , he’s always shattering things everyday. This is a no-no for shatta to have made that statement. He’s come to apologize on it so I won’t go hard at him. He has made a mockery of himself with his double standards.

U mean he has come to apologize? He must or he will loose all his fans ooo.
The people he is insulting are the squad he has or we go show am pepper :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
In shaxi sef we no go drive again!!!

He might have apologize but the pain is still with us. I have even stopped listening to his music the moment I heard him said that.

What did I say? Someone has stop listening to his music :notes:. The next thing is someone will unfollow him on Instagram, then Twitter on and on it goes.