Economy recovering faster – Akufo-Addo

President-nana-addo-dankwa-akufo-addo has lauded the measures put in place by his government in putting the country’s economy back on the recovery track.**

Despite showing promise in the period prior to the covid , Ghana’s economy was hit by the global pandemic with the gains made receding drastically.

However, the president promised in March, 2020 that his government cannot bring lives lost back but knows how to bring the economy back in one of the classical statements made by a head of state during the pandemic.

“We know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life,” he stated on Saturday, March 28, 2020.

“Our country is making a faster economic recovery in comparison to many around theworld with our economy expanding by 3.1 percent in the first quarter of 2021,” he said.

“In many economies around the world, due to the effects of Covid-19, governments are finding it difficult to attract the needed investment in the productive areas of their economies.”

He indicated that Ghana’s situation appears to be different.

“The investor community continues to cast a vote of confidence in our economy and several companies are making investments in our economy that will create jobs for the young people of our country.”

The fifth president of the Fourth Republic said the love of the country is still burning hot within him and he will do everything possible to get the youth job opportunities in the country.

“We are determined to pursue our agenda of job creation in order to give opportunities to our youths to nurture their talents for the development of our country.”

President Akufo-Addo also admonished all to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols to save Ghana from a potential third wave.

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Is it cause it seems like it’s rather deteriorating more faster, fuel has been increased for the 5 th time now , COVID cases been rising again, unemployment rate still high… So my man what are talking about

Ghanaians are sick and tired of the jokes our leaders take us for. We are living in an economy where everyone can testify to the fact that the country is in a great mess even a day born baby can affirm to that.
And you are saying the economy is recovering faster…hmmmm God dey watch!!!

Hahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
God dey shock sef …

Leave this politicians, they can lie for God to even be shocked. Do we an economy? Because other are saying economy so we also want to talk some

I don’t blame politicians when they make statements like this. They are not feeling what the grassroots are going through. The economy is working well for them because they are the ones enjoying all the money and comfort. We the masses are not feeling the same but we move

Oh Mr. President why? What do you call recovery? The system is messed up and you have the confidence to tell Ghanaians that were are recovering.

For me, if politics can change our problems in this country, then certainly not with this type of politicians.