Ecobank chief security jailed 15 months for stealing laptops

An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced a chief security officer attached to Ecobank Ghana Limited, Kokomlemle branch, for stealing two laptops from the bank.

Abdul Manaf Issah, who was said to have been captured by a CCTV camera carrying the computers, denied same, saying he was only carrying boxes containing newspapers.

The police retrieved the two laptops from him later.

Charged with stealing, Issah denied the offence.

The court, presided over by Evelyn Asamoah after the trial found Isaah guilty and sentenced him accordingly.

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Emmanuel Haligah, said the complainant was Frederick Osei Sarfo of Ecobank Ghana Limited.

He said on 6 June 2019, two HP EliteBook 840 G3 Laptop computers with serial numbers 5CG650417D and 5CG635IF8Z with faulty hard drives were given to the Bank’s IT staff, Patience Adwoa Agyeiwaa, to repair.

The prosecution said after Agyeiwaa had started working on the laptops, she placed them in a cabinet in her office and went on four-day leave.

The prosecution said, however, on 11 June 2019, when Agyeiwaa reported to work, she detected that the two laptops were missing.

Chief Inspector Haligah said the complainant confronted Isaah as the Head of Security but he denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the laptop computers.

He said the complainant then played a CCTV footage, which captured Issah carrying a carton suspected to contain the laptops from the IT Office but Issah denied it again and explained that what he was carrying was a carton containing newspapers.

The prosecution said the complainant reported the matter to Issah’s employer, and on June 19, 2019, a complaint was lodged with the Regional Criminal Investigation Department and Issah was arrested.

He said during investigations, the two laptops with their serial numbers were retrieved from Issah.

He said in his investigation cautioned statement, the convict admitted having taken them from the IT Office.

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Self Inflicted Calamity. What was he thinking? Head of Security should know better. The surveillance system in Ecobank is advanced. He can’t go far with stealing from a place like this. This a dull move.

The CCTV cameras watches the watch man. He has no idea about the current state of what he stoled. Even the laptops are not in good condition.
What is he going to use the laptops for…? Ok let me guess, to watch movies :joy::joy::joy:.
Even captured on camera he still denied stealing the laptops.

My problem is how come a whole chief of security doesn’t know how the CCTV works? He should know he is being watched 24/7. And as a security person, anything that goes missing from a place will be your responsibility. He should not have attempted in the first place.

A whole Chief Security officers paaaaa. He should know better that the place is under CCTV surveillance. What is he going to use those faulty laptops for? Hmmmmm maybe the pay no dey reach am be that ooo.
Who watches the watch man?