Dr UN impregnates 17-year-old SHS girl & has refused to accept responsibilities

A 17-year-old SHS student identified as Matilda has in an exclusive interview with [Ghpage TV] revealed how Kwame Fordjour aka Dr UN impregnated her and failed to take responsibility.
According to her, she had gone out to enjoy with her friends at a joint and that was where she met Dr UN who was by then-popular after giving out a fake award.
He expressed his intention of starting a relationship with her and taking it further by getting married to her which she also agreed and they both started going out
Matilda told Rashad of GhPage TV that they started meeting in hotels and restaurants to eat and have fun whenever he comes to Kumasi because he had told her he stayed in Accra and only comes to Kumasi when he has a business to take care off.

Fast forward, three months ago she noticed she had missed her period, took a pregnancy test and the result came in as positive.

She called Dr UN to inform him of the situation but he told her he was busy and was working on his new song so he needed his peace of mind and later started avoiding her and her calls.
The 17-year-old went on to say Dr UN called her later and told her to come and see her so they can go and see his doctor for an abortion to be carried out but she turned that option down.

A video recording shared with Ghpage sees Dr UN in a meeting with Matilda and her sister who was trying to solve the matter amicably.

When he was told about the pregnancy he denied the pregnancy saying Matilda is telling lies.

Matilda in the interview stated that the only thing she needs from Dr UN is to accept responsibility for the pregnancy because she doesn’t want to give birth for her child to be tagged a bastard.

Source: myinfogh.com

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I listened to the recording yesterday and was Marvelled. Dr. Un is actually responsible for the pregnancy but claims he has other had affair with the lady in recent times.

An shs Student is what this man finds attractive to impregnate

It obvious the pregnancy was a mistake. What is annoying is the fact that he doesn’t want to accept responsibility. “You don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat”. The family of the lady must not relent until what is necessary is done…

Dr. UN is a modern day big time azaa man paa, he chop the girl falaaaa just like that. The girl too, she foolishly fell for this.

Hahaha… someone who was able to present a fake award to king :crown: sark paaaaaa dierr then I won’t be surprised the way he flattered the girl.
I will marry u pahhhhh and the girl too believed it.
But opanah too Cross :x: tread oo…there norr e cum for inside :joy::joy:
The matter chop hot :fire:…he for take paaaaa

That man still exist, anytime he’s in the news it’s not for any good reason kraa, he’s grown pass this kind things but he keeps doing childish thing. He dey surprise me waa