Dr. Dampare’s appointment as IGP is based on merit – James Agalga

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Builsa South, James Agalga has praised the appointment of Dr. George Akuffo Dampare as the next Inspector General of Police.

Mr. Agalga, who is also a ranking member of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, said the appointment is a full throttle meritocracy.

Appearing on Metro TV’s ‘Good Evening Ghana’ show, the former Deputy Minister of Interior said appointments of IGPs in recent times haven’t been based on merit.

“We have had situations in recent times where retirees have been given the nod as IGPs. But Dr. Dampare’s appointment deviates from the recent practice and this is a full throttle meritocracy.”

Also on the show, Professor Kwesi Anning, a renowned security expert agreed with Mr. Agalga’s assertion by saying Dr. Dampare’s has been passed on twice for retirees.

“I think those who made the choice were between a rock and a hard place but what is important is that we need someone who has a hands-on experience in operations. Someone who has not passed the retirement age because every time someone who has passed retirement age was brought back, it leads to difficulties within the Police service”, Prof. Anning submitted.

He also talked about cohesion in the Police service with such an appointment. Prof. Anning noted: “Because Akuffo Dampare has been appointed with about 6 years to his retirement age, it will be easier for him to bring all the senior officers to his side.”

Dr Dampare is the youngest acting IGP to be appointed in the Fourth Republic and the eighth youngest since Ghana gained independence. Prior to this appointment, he was the most senior police officer after the just retired IGP.

Dr. Dampare joined the Ghana Police Service (GPS) as a Constable in December, 1990 at age 20 and rose through the ranks to become Commissioner of Police (COP) 24 years later at age 44 in 2014, the rank he held until his appointment.

COP Dampare is currently the director general in charge of administration in the Ghana Police Service and a member of the Police Management Board.

Oppong-Boanuh has been the head of the Police Service since 14 August 2019, when President Akufo-Addo appointed him in accordance with the Constitution of Ghana

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Nobody is saying it is based on favoritism or nepotism. The man is fully qualified to handle the affairs of the police service but we must support him to win the battle. It is not an easy task for him .it is not going to be