Double blessings: Pretty lady celebrates as 24th birthday turns into engagement

A beautiful young lady known on Twitter by the name HayleyMulenda has obtained several thousands of heartwarming reactions on an amazing post she put up recently.

On her Twitter handle, @HayleyMulenda, the young lady shared how her 24th birthday turned into a much bigger surprise than she could have imagined or asked for.

To her amazement, the day ended with her not only turning 24 but also becoming a fiance to the love of her life as the young man proposed to her on the same day.

She shared the happy moment of wearing her engagement ring and giving a warm hug to her boyfriend turned fiance in pictures that won the admiration of many social media users.

Below were some interesting comments that tweeps shared after chancing upon HayleyMulenda’s heartwarming post.

Ooh nice , congratulations her. Sometimes life will offer you what you have been praying for at the right time. However, I’m not sure this will be a lady who will not respect or acknowledge her man’s efforts. A man knows what he want in a good woman so ladies, it’s beautiful but it’s come on silver platter