Don't Let Social Media Fill your Minds with Toxic Pressure

Social media is one of the silent weapon that strike the mental health of users negatively. Not all what you see are genuine. You have no idea the secrecy behind people flaunting their properties etc. Or what if their reality on backstage isn’t what they really are? That’s why you have to live a simple life without pleasing anyone. My little advise for the youth is never to be carried away by what they see on social media for you have no idea the real truth behind their “success”. It is very much okay to live a Simple life and Working hard. Be thankful to what you have because slow and sturdy, you will also be successful tomorrow legitimately. Work hard, be Positive, Pray, Rest and repeat them again. Being successful person is someone that lived a simple and peaceful life legitimately. Don’t let social media fill your minds with toxic pressure. Don’t give up.


That’s very true because many youth think of flashy lifestyle, which impossible to acquire flashy stuffs. As I always say,“life is all about time”, one needs to be patient and work hard, dedicate him or herself and pray.


Sure Khalo Kay, thanks!