Don't Fight Because Of These Politicians; See What Mahama Did For Bawumia After His Mother's Death

It very sad and so disheartening to see and hear that people are fighting one another or engaging themselves in certain bad and risky acts that can get them killed or that might lead them to their deaths because of they are affiliated to different Political parties or support different Political leaders.

As Ghanaians, we are a very lovely and peaceful people. Most countries look up to us because we do not normally engage ourselves in certain bad acts during elections that can cause the deaths of many or cause damage to properties. But this track record of been a peaceful nation is slowly fading off because of our recent behaviors or due to the recent happenings in the country because of Politics.

Take a look at what happened during the voters card registration. Misunderstandings and other things led to a gun shot and also during the 2020 general elections some people even lost their lives trying to steal ballot boxes and others got injured. Let us ask ourselves, why should we get killed or get arrested because of some love you have for a particular Political leaders or party. Most times it is not necessarily because you are affiliated to these parties but due to some little money you will get from executing these illegal acts. Why don’t you tell them to send their children or family members to perform these tasks?

One most painful thing is that, right after the elections these politicians that people fight for are the ones who enjoy the most and the success whiles you go back to your old life trying so hard to survive. Nobody will even remember you when you get yourself into these illegal acts and gets killed because of these politicians.

Most Political leaders or politicians are friends, they meet, laugh, merry and even help themselves when others go into other sad situations. Let take a look at the current but sad happening in the country.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and His Mother Mariama Bawumia

The Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia lost her mother yesterday and she will be buried today but one person that least people expected him to console him did the most loving thing an opponent can ever do. Former President John Dramani Mahama did only post on Facebook to console the vice President but also called him and consoled him and he even called him his brother. Below is the Facebook message that was posted by former President John Dramani Mahama on his Facebook platform.

We all know how these two people go against each other during their Political campaigns, even just about four days ago the Vice President jabbed the former President for his do or die message but here is the former President feeling bad that he lost his mother this tells Ghanaians the kind of love these Political leaders have for themselves.

If they being the beneficiaries of these elections are not fighting and killing themselves and also see themselves as friends and brothers then why should you fight or perform illegal tasks for their names sake? Save your life, Ghana needs You.


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Politics is not supposed to be a fight, it’s just a battle of ideas and philosophies. It’s we I Africa who do politics of hatred instead of sharing of ideas. Let’s hope to get to the point of understanding what politics to build is.


I dont even know why our political parties fight :unamused:

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hmmmm its very sad seeing the youths killing themselves for these parties


I still don’t understand the reason behind the supporters of different parties fighting each other whiles those leading this parties are more than brothers and sisters. They do sometimes fight in public but when they meet themselves later on, you can’t differentiate between who leads this party or that as they sit down, eat together and laugh together.
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