Don’t wait to complete school before starting a side hustle – PR expert advises

Public Relations executive, women’s advocate and owner of Louisa’s kitchen, Louisa Kwakye, has charged the youth to keep in mind always that they are never too young to delve into entrepreneurship.

A lot of times, people wait till they are done with school and begin to go through the struggles of getting a nine-to-five before deciding that they need to start their own small business. Louisa, speaking on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess, advised against this.

According to her, one can start entrepreneurship even while they are still in school and when they get a job after school, it still would not hurt to keep the business running as a side gig in addition to the nine to five.

Speaking as a PR executive, she said, “Most people expect that if you’re a Public Relations personnel, your work is only in the office and you have nothing doing in the kitchen but then one of the major courses GIJ taught me was entrepreneurship so if you’re done with school and no office is accepting to employ you, create something for yourself and be proud of your hustle”.

Louisa is a Public Relations expert who recently graduated from the renowned Ghana Institute of Journalism, but is currently growing her own food business,

I love this. This woman is a role model. Doing something with our lives to earn some cash is always satisfying. Hope we follow her advice so can start making some living in no time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well spoken madam. The girls should stop the foolish mindset of slaying to make money :dollar:. Start something for yourself today. This goes to the guys as well. But some of us dierr we dey grind no be now oo
Hmmmmmmm but oluwaaa :pray::pray: is involved!!!

Why are you going hard on the girls like this bro? :joy: Is slaying too not a side hustle? :joy:

This is what majority of the ladies are doing erhhh. Social media adaroma…so they can twerk and twerk to market themselves. Nkwasiasem nkuaaaa saaaa :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

The school fees alone is a killer. The same student paying his fees cannot save to a business. It is difficult in our part of the world though it is the best advice the lady has given