Do you know anyone who got infected with COVID 🦠 in Ghana?

I’m curious, does anyone know anyone who got infected with COVID in Ghana? How did they do? What were the protocols and procedures the government took to care for the patient?


:joy::joy: boss @siaw i don’t know anyone oo. The people all I know are still healthy and strong.

My younger sis had it in 2020 but with mild symptoms cuz at the time, a colleague of hers at work had been earlier infected and quarantined and the friend sent the names of the medicines she was given at the centre to my sis and she quickly bought them from a pharmacy. Thus, she managed to keep the infection at the upper respiratory level.

How was quarantine “enforced”? Did the government track her to make sure she really stayed quarantined?

I’m more interested in what the government does with infected people. :stuck_out_tongue:

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U, I see what u driving at, developing something huh

Well, for my sis she didn’t have to be quarantined cuz she home treated. As for her colleagues, I think at the time they prevented them from leaving until they were fine (14 days I think). The tracking of infected people in Ghana is prolly not that effective, but don’t take my word for it, hehe.

A very close friend of mine got infected with COVID-19 last year after the lockdown was lifted. He actually spent just some few days at the hospital and had to go home and come back regularly for check ups, Meanwhile his was severe but for the lack of space specifically no-bed syndrome at the Taifa Polyclinic, he had to go home and come back regularly for treatment.

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I don’t know if this helps

didn’t know they have a flood risk tracker app, hmmm

Thanks. So going back and forth would mean spreading the virus even more right? OK so quarantine is not enforced in anyway.

Quarantine wasn’t enforced here a bit. Through the back and forth the virus was spreading, I even forgot to add this, my friend was actually the one who paid for all his expenses meanwhile, I was told it was the government who was paying for it.

I paid for something recently in Ghana and on the invoice I paid $74 COVID-19 Levy, I’m thinking if Ghana get vaccines for free and they are not enforcing quarantine in anyway and patients are paying for themselves, who’s pocket is this COVID-19 Levy going to? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

u got to be kidding me, whatttt!!! what in two devils is going on. Chale this gov is terrible oo, man!

I don’t know if the 150USD is still paid for rapid testing at KIA but that was sickening, there was a petition for change on

That is crazy. I heard about it. In most countries you have to have proof of a negative COVID test results before you can cross the border, if you reached Ghana too they wanted you to pay to get tested, like you could get infected in the air when everyone is already negative.

So imagine how much money they are making from COVID illegally when all transactions are charged this meaningless “levy”.

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Hahahahahahaha, that was a giveaway of their theatrics and intentions

And we call only those up in arms Armed robbers. This is organised, all year round (not broad daylight) armed robbery. I have never been so aware and as a result so critical of a government like I am with this one. They’re too transparent for my liking, hehe

Maybe this platform could come in handy

I signed the COVID fee one. But to be honest do you think the government of Ghana cares about these signatures on :crazy_face:

That’s true but if they don’t react to it, we are free to bring it before the UN, particularly the department responsible provided we have the numbers

We are all aware where the COVID-19 levy is going and I know perfectly that this levy is currently in our leaders bank accounts.
I hope you’re aware of the $100 million dollars World Bank supported Ghana with to boost its COVID-19 response? With additional $130 million later on. So what purpose did this money served. Any money Ghana leaders will find a way to spend it themselves.


OK this is new information for me. If we get the numbers we can actually push it to UN? How bureaucratic is it?

Usually via email but the response time is what I’m unsure about. But persistence counts

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