Do you believe sex is Art?

I think that learning how to bring pleasure to someone in such an intimate setting is very much an art and requires an artistic frame of mind. For me a səxual experience is work and it is mostly designed and planned well to ensure real satisfaction. Every woman or man is different in so many exciting ways. Learning to explore a woman or man to find out what he/she likes, what drives him/her wild must often be done with measured gentleness. Most səxual experiences can also be very emotional and very spiritual.

I find that coaxing a woman/man to share her/his emotions and soul requires a gentleness and is an art. Just as artist are required to freestyle their talent so is every man and woman to freestyle with $3x.
Just as art requires patience to comprehend so does $3x, every artist have different artistic skills, hardly you see two same looking art by different artists from different location. To be able to really enjoy $3x, we need to understand that it’s art, which requires carefulness and freestyle but with a bit of intimacy and soul search.

This is my view tho, I stand to be corrected :smirk:


Without a doubt I would call $3x an art. For me a səxual experience is a work of art that those involved in create. If successful, it is a work of art that changes the participants and lives on long after the actual experience. $3x needs passion and imagination to be pleasurable, intimate and to be fun.

$3x is 10% friction and 90% fiction. By that I mean the actual body part contact is not what makes it good, it’s what’s in your head, most of which is a story you made up. If all the people involved share the same fiction then you have intimacy.