Displaying my amateur photography skills 📸

I had a Canon EOS that I practised photography with when I had time, these days I don’t do photography anymore but yesterday I went for a random walk and thought I’d take some pictures.

You see the land behind the bush in the picture above? It’s a farm. The farmer can get to use the land for only about 3-4 per year, same for all other farmers, yet when it’s winter, there’s no shortage of products and the prices never go up with a lame excuse like “it’s not the season of yam, plantain etc”. They produce as much as they can while they can and the prices of products never go up. :exploding_head:I can’t say the same about my beloved country. We have the sun every single day of the year!

In the 4 pictures above I was playing with focus and bokeh.

PROTIP: You can click on the images maximise them to appreciate the details. Pictures taken with an iPhone SE so don’t expect to zoom chasing pixels.


Oh wow, you took these with your phone. I like photography, but I have little idea about the concept, but these are great shots