Discovered a cheap jumpstart tool 🚗

We have a very old car at home that I use for errands. The battery is sh*t; leave the car for 1 week and you can’t start it again. Some months ago I went out and couldn’t start the car, had to call a taxi to help me jumpstart it. I don’t know much about cars and their tooling but just discovered this:

It’s just a cheap power bank from China that works well. It came in handy about 2 days ago when our “reliable” old car won’t start (in the rain!). :cloud_with_rain::red_car:

When I was in Ghana I never saw anything like this (maybe because we had a better car) and I’m wondering how many people use this in Ghana.

It might be a good business idea to buy this in bulk and resell in Ghana. Just thinking out loud. The battery works remarkably. Best thing is; it’s very small (fits in my palm) and light.

This thing is a life saver. My uncle have one and it saved him a lot of times. I stopped pushing his car very early in the morning. For the business side of it, Ghanaians are very stingy. They won’t buy. :joy:

Been there before. Push a car paaaa back then was not easy, especially if you’re the only one around. :rofl:

Do you know how much it costs in GH?

At the moment no. But will find out about the price.

There’s also another one like this which is used to pump deflated car tyres. Very handy and a great tool.

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This is very nice . And the business idea too it’s not bad . All you have to do is better advertisement then you good to go .