Did you cum in me: please don't pour inside!

Dear Omanba guys, have ever encountered a sexual drama where your girlfriend asked you not to pour inside or cum in her? I don’t understand those statements and I keep doing the wrong things. Please help a brother out.

Hello ladies, you can even explain better so I’m all ears.

Hi admin, hope you have experts to explain some terms to us on this forum. Thank you.


@Kusie_Maame_Twe . Good morning. Sorry i can’t help you here. :confused:this side of the world de3. Ano reach yet. :wink:

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You can practise the “pull out” game. But I’m wondering what happened to condoms. :rofl:

Maybe @Magda2000 or @Sandy can share some insights.

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The ladies are scared of pregnancy as shit. :joy: Not many of them are interested in contraceptives like Lydia etc. Mind you, they can fail. When you are asked not pour it inside or cum in her, she’s playing it safe.

Condoms are boring for most guys. To them, it takes the fun out of the encounter. Someone once said you can’t take a toffee with the rubber wrapped around it. :joy: The pulling out might work but it’s takes a lot of effort and discipline to execute. :joy::joy:

Like you said, @Sandy and @Magda2000 might tell us their side of the experience.

Herh :joy::joy::joy: @Kusie_Maame_Twe , you just reminded me of something. Chale when you reach that level , it’s difficult to listen to such plea ooo. What comes into my head when i hear dont cum in me is ’ all die be die’ . That’s the most dangerous but sweetest time of the action​:grinning::grinning:

I can’t wait to hear from @Magda2000 , @sandy and other females here on this matter. Is pulling out the best option @siaw cos It seems that the ladies lately are afraid of pregnancy more than STI.

I’m assuming that common sense prevails here; that before you go raw you’re certain non of you has any STI. This is the basics.

I wish I could help you guys but me ankasa no am a virgin so I don’t understand what is going on kraa maybe @Sandy can help but I learnt she is a bit busy so​:relieved::relieved:

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Good morning y’all. we all need professional counseling and education on sex and it’s related matters, it’s important to know who you are having sex with. Is he or she prepared for babies? The reason most ladies say 'don’t cum in me ’ is because there are lots of guys who won’t take responsibility of pregnancy. From my personal experience, it’s better to tell him that so he can ‘pull out’ when he’s climaxing. But @Kusie_Maame_Twe though hmm​:expressionless::neutral_face::neutral_face:

@Magda2000 eei sister, why do you want to shift everything on me​:joy::joy:

Ohemaa virgin papaabi​:joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:

You are right @Sandy , some guys are just interested in pouring inside but when it comes to taking responsibility for eventual pregnancy , they circumvent and leave the ladies in despair. If I were a lady I will always opt for condom than any other option especially when you both aren’t ready to have a baby.

I posted it like a joke , but, there’s a social lesson we can all learn from some of these opinions, experiences and views shared here. Nice meeting you :muscle::v:

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How can u eat toffee with rubber? How !!!

Eating toffees without the rubber wrapped around it does not produce babies but try eating that thing without rubber when not prepared to take responsibilities and kindly wait to be a run away dad :joy::joy:

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Nice meeting you here too but your name di3, number one on this forum. Eeish 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

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Don’t worry, you are safe. It’s not a harmful name so eschew any fear or prejudice wai :grin::grinning::joy::joy:

His name @Kusie_Maame_Twe de3 it’s one in town oo. The name can even cure the sick :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Sure. But you should know when to eat the toffee and be wise about it. But then bare in mind to take full responsibility of your actions and not run away from them .

Bro it’s true but Africa here I don’t know why it do happens so much here. I remember late 2020 a married man run away because he was expecting his wife to give birth to one baby but she delivered triplet so running was the best option for him here :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Oh how @Danny , stop exaggerating. I will change the name soon to another interesting one though :joy::joy::joy:

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