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Did God made a mistake by choosing to create humans?

God created humanity in the image of God and called them to partner with him in expanding his creation. But partnership requires trust, so God gave humanity the freedom to make their own choices. Sadly, the first humans made the choice to trust their own wisdom over God’s.


  1. Question, if you give people the freedom to make a choice, you’ve to be ready to accept every outcome. Why choose to punish people because you gave them free choice but they ignored you? Because if you don’t want them to be independent of you, you shouldn’t give them the freedom to choose to beginning with.
  2. Imperfect people with free choice will do a lot of harm to each other. Because every choice has side effect and as humans we can’t tell where most our choices will lead us in two or 5 years

I’m someone who is against the notion that a god is responsible for all of this, but I’m just laughing from the absurdity from that point

Do you think god made a mistake somehow?


I don’t believe God made any mistake whatsoever because God doesn’t make mistakes. Humanity was given choices on the day of creation and God was clear about the consequences of every choice they’ll make. We are just reaping the fruits of the bad decision our ancestors made.

I know @kod, @siaw @Aharon will disagree though but it is what it is :smile:


By the way @ruffrider I think your image link is broken so please try and fix it

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This is postulating that toe story of creating in the Bible is universal, wrong start already. Other religions haven’t different myths about creation. You’re considering the whole world to be Christian.

But let’s say the whole world is Christian.

Good question. That’s why I call b0llsh!t on the Bible.

Making God imperfect, since we we were created in his image and we’re not perfect. Another reason the Bible is bomb.

God himself is a mistake. The whole concept.

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God did not created us imperfect. It is by our choices that we became imperfect


The choice God presented to them comes with a condition. So when you decide to make that choice means you already know what the outcome will be.


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Are you listening to yourself. In what sense did a choice with condition is a choice at all?

A hypothetical example. You’ve to stop at a red traffic light, the rules was put into place by the one who designed the traffic light, so you don’t have a choice but to stop. So that takes away any freedom to choose.
I don’t know what you think about that :smile:

God make a choice himself by creating the universe. But choice has side effects specially when one is not aware of them.

If your child has become an independent thinker, is no brainer that he will make his own choices. But the question is , why are you not comfortable with any choice the person’s makes?

If you think you brought him into existence so the person owns you obedience, then there’s no point of giving him a choice.

Your example doesn’t exactly fit into what we are saying. Even still, let me tackle it. Where the traffic light is, is that the only road available to me? If not I can pass a different road that there is no traffic light so I don’t need to stop. There are many fruits in the garden to eat but you decided to eat the only one will condition. It’s your choice so you live with the consequences

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It seems like you’ve more knowledge of the Bible than I do. :smile:

I’m not saying a god can be responsible for all of this because there’s no way for someone to prove god exist. but I’m just laughing about the absurdity from of this whole garden thing from that perspective.

But imagine you decided to bring children into existence. That’s your choice right there.

So dont you agree that you also made a choice and you needs to live with the consequences of bringing children into existence ? Why choose to punish them because both the father and the children has all made a choice? What do you thin about that

As far as concern, Adam and Eve brought this upon themselves and now we are all in it. They could have avoided eating from the tree altogether; as a matter of fact, they did until the serpent came and talk Eve into eating the fruits from that tree.

God cannot be blamed for this. As a matter of fact, it was the freedom he gave them that prevented him from interfering in their decision making: the decision to eat from that forbidden tree. Read Genesis chapter 3 if you are still not clear

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If you’re expected to drive at a speed of 50km/h on road, you’ve the freedom to either overspeed or not right?
But my question is, why put the road there to begin with? If god intention was for Adam & eve to rule over his creation, why is he not comfortable with whatever decision they made?


So you mean there’s no need for regulations on our roads? C’mon bro!

The only way the world can be safe for all is when we follow protocol and that’s what God wanted for mankind. Adam and Eve were supposed to follow protocol so their generations can live in a better world but they thrashed it. Don’t put this on God.

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If you decide to give birth tomorrow, is your child fault if he didn’t respect you or is your fault because you decided to bring him into existence?

This whole thing of Eve eating the fruit has it beginning from god himself, not his creation

If you bring a child into this world, your job is to take care of them, train them and discipline them when they do anything wrong. You don’t leave them just like that because you think you are giving them freedom. The way you bring up your child will determine how he treats you or sees you. Freedom freedom doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you like facing the consequences of your actions.
Every choice we make, there are consequences.

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At this point lets establish a simple fact. There’s no such thing as choice, is someone training you to fit their own sense of right. The rules are already written. All you can do is to operate within your boundaries, that’s not freedom

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Then what is freedom? You want to do everything but not face the consequences? It’s like saying you have the freedom to kιll anyone you like and not face the consequences of your actions.

It’s how life works, you make a choice, you live with the consequences. That doesn’t mean it’s not freedom.

Even without rules, let’s say you are strong so you get to take from anyone, even kιll and there will be no action taken against you. But your actions are going to make people angry and they will find a way to make you pay for it. Envy, anger, hate, love, jealousy, they are all part of life. You get to face the consequences of your actions and it’s still freedom.

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There’s a game and there are rules. whats it for? To limit the boundaries of the one who designed the game board. Maybe you’ll be happy to go over it just a little bit but you can’t. That’s not freedom

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