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Dan Kweku Yeboah Reveals Deep Secrets About Milovan Rajevac On His Second Coming


The award-winning and renowned journalist, Dan Kweku Yeboah has dropped a lot of secrets as to why current Black Stars Coach, Milovan Rajevac came back to coach the Black Stars for the second time, and why he was not better for Ghana when Ghana Football Association (GFA) appointed him for the second time.

Dan Kweku Yeboah was speaking today on Okay FM’s Morning Show while they were discussing what has been a National Conversation that is the Black Stars elimination from the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021 tournament played in 2022 of which the Stars were eliminated from the group stages.

The Stars elimination has seen everyone talking about it, politicians, Ghanaians, football fanatics, non-football fanatics, and everyone in Ghana. It has been discussed on political platforms on both television and radio, as well as various platforms because it is a bad fate the country hasn’t experienced in the competition for over 10 years.

This is the reason why Dan Kweku Yeboah was speaking about the Black Stars on a radio morning show program that was largely supposed to be a political platform.

While speaking on Okay FM’s Morning Show, Dan Kweku Yeboah said Milovan was not supposed to be reappointed because he has been inactive from 2017 till the time he has appointed.

He went on to reveal that after Milovan did wonderfully well with the Black Stars at the 2010 World Cup, the FA President at the time, Kwesi Nyantakyi wanted to renew his contract but Milovan didn’t pick the FA President’s calls because he had a lucrative deal from Qatar. He then added that, as a country, based on the gesture Milovan Rajevac showed to us after the 2010 world cup, we shouldn’t have appointed him the second time which was last year.

" After the 2010 World Cup, the leaders of the Ghana Football Association led by the President Kwesi Nyantakyi wanted to renew the contract of Milovan but the coach denied it because he got a lucrative contract at Qatar. Why then will we even go ahead to appoint him for the second time after he disrespected us after the 2010 World Cup?" Dan Kweku Yeboah said on Okay FM today.

He then went on to disclose a deep secret that while GFA wanted to appoint Milovan for the second time in 2021, one of the leaders of the football association personally called Milovan Rajevac telling the coach that he (the leader of GFA) is personally bringing him back and so he shouldn’t hesitate to come because he will always support him.

" A top GFA official personally called Milovan Rajevac to tell him to come back and coach the stars and that he’s going to support him by hook or crook and so he should come back. The person added that it’s not the government who is bringing you but myself so come back and the whole GFA will support you." Dan Kweku Yeboah said today on Okay FM’s Morning Show dubbed ’ Ade Akye Abia’.

The renowned journalist then went on to say that Milovan Rajevac was not supposed to come back because, after his 2010 exploits with the black stars, he was sacked by Qatar, Algeria, and Thailand. That showed that the man is not that good again so why will someone have the guts to appoint him to lead the Black Stars to victory.

He added that he was not capable of bringing us any glory and what he could afford to bring us is the disgrace he has currently brought us.

What are your thoughts on the GFA and the Black Stars Performance at the AFCON?

Who do you think should be blamed for Black Star’s shambolic performance at the tournament?

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