Dampare is unstoppable: Another Popular Prophet arrested by the police in Central Region

Dampare is still working and Ghanaians are appluading him for his good works and effort for bringing seriousness and activeness in the police service. The report we heard from one of the popular News channels confirmed the hard works of Dampare and his police officers in arresting another popular prophet or man of God in Central Region in a town called Asebu.

The picture from Angel TV this afternoon indicated that, the man in the picture is the leader, founder and the General overseer of Greater works Chapel international in Asebu. Prophet Richard Ato is his name. He is currently in the hands of Dampare Boys in Yamoranya Police station after his church member reported him for using semen to person rituals.

The plantif added that, Prophet Ato promise to give him 2k Ghana Cedis of he should donate his sperms or semen for him. The deal was all part of breakthrough miracle that the prophet is working out for the plantif. Upon hearing the case, the police rushed to the presmises of the prophet and arrested him without delay. Dampare is indeed unstoppable and his men are doing a great work.

There are other allegations against the man of God for Commiting some heinous crimes in his church. Some of the the church members claim that he even slept with them and use their discharge for rituals through a white napkin.

This so called Prophets errhh. Now Ghana has turn to a church nation if somebody get up then he or she turns into a prophet. Then are just misbehaving. How I wish they burn some of this false prophets and their churches down erhh . This things are really getting out of hand

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Hmmm seriously this is why I don’t go to church anymore ooo and what I hate most is me being in the church den pastor preaching against another church hmmm the way that thing dey bore me

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@Kusie_Maame_Twe come and defend your prophet. He’s working for Christians.

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Bro, I think there’s no need for this.

@kod I say NO to this very one :pray:t4:

Don’t be petty boss, there’s no human institution without challenges or issues. In human history or even the bible, people were exploiting the name of God for their interest. I have never said Christianity is without challenges or challattans , have I?

I did mention also earlier that you can criticise, but such direct insults on God or his institution is a no for me. What stops you from insulting the prophet but you prefer to castigate God.

Are you not aware that people will always take advantage of anything good to make money?


Just point me to just a single comment where I insulted your god? I haven’t insulted anyone, you choose to make it look this way.

Guys I think you are suppose to make suggestions and not to criticize anyone. And also mind the way you talk because it can go a long way to affect you. Gv comments and don’t involve God to this issues