Cristiano Ronaldo Receives A Strong Warning From Tyson Fury

Despite all the downfalls and disappointments, Cristiano Ronaldo is facing this year, that doesn’t stop him from scoring. If you don’t know, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the only player who holds the record of scoring against 46 different countries at the international level.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently 36 and as they say, every champion has an enemy.We mostly focus on Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch, but today’s topic isn’t focusing on his magics on the pitch.

Last week, Tyson fury sent a warning to Cristiano Ronaldo about his presence in Manchester. What did he say to Cristiano Ronaldo ?

Tyson’s fury is 33 and popularly known as the Gypsy king. Tyson holds the holding of fighting in 33 games and winning 32 of them. Isn’t that astounding?

Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo are currently the most trending celebrities on the internet because, Tyson won his match this weekend and maintained his heavyweight title and Cristiano Ronaldo on the other side set a record of scoring against 46 different countries at the top level.

Tyson fury was born in Manchester and he sees himself as the face of Manchester but, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United isn’t really cool with him though he wished him a good luck.

This was what Tyson fury said to The Sun about Cristiano Ronaldo " I have two fights left [in the USA], but I’d love to bring a world title fight back to Manchester, It has always been a dream of mine to fight at Old Trafford. The last fight there was Eubank versus Benn in 1993 and that was massive “. The Gypsy king ended the conversation with,” I’m really happy Ronaldo’s back at Old Trafford, but this town ain’t big enough for the both of us !." If I lived in Manchester, it would be a problem. But I’m an hour up the motorway in Morecambe, so he’s got plenty of distance "

Tyson fury simple means, he wants to be the main man in Manchester and he feels Cristiano Ronaldo is the main man now so Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t react when he starts to claim Manchester is his.

Tyson isn’t angry at Cristiano Ronaldo because, we’ve all seen how Cristiano Ronaldo mingles with boxing superstars. Tyson fury is scared cristiano would take over Manchester just like how he took Madrid and Turin. Tyson fury wants have a fight at the old Trafford but I don’t know why he feels Cristiano Ronaldo is his problem.

Tell me in the comments, do you think Cristiano Ronaldo should reply him?

If yes, you have to choose between both of them. Who do you think is really competitive ?

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