Covid-19: Presby Church sends directive to congregants over Delta variant

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has issued a directive to all chairpersons across the country to be relayed to congregants as regards the upsurge in the Delta variant of Covid-19.

Signed by the Clerk of the General Assembly, Reverend Dr Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor, the directive underscored the contagious nature of the Delta variant, which has been detected in Ghana.

“Kindly note that the Delta variant of Covid-19, which is considered as a more contagious variant and also affects the younger generation, has been detected in the country.

“In view of the above, we expect all Congregational Sessions to tighten controls as well as enforce the Covid-19 preventive protocols to curb its spread.”

The circular reminded presbyters that “the directive which was proposed during the inception of the pandemic is still in force and must be complied with accordingly”.

Since its outbreak in Ghana, the virus has claimed 817 lives.

Currently, 3,466 persons are battling the disease.

Hm if only the members will heed to the warnings, the problem is the the people are not willing to accept that the virus exist anymore so they are doing what ever they want whenever the want