COVID-19: Dating apps are going to offer perks for users who get a vaccine

The move is to appeal to the under 30s, but early evidence shows that many young people are already keen to get their jabs.

The government has turned to dating apps to encourage young people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

From Monday, Tinder, Hinge, Match, Badoo, Plenty of Fish, OurTime, Muzmatch and Bumble will allow users to show their support for the vaccine on their dating profiles.

They will also give in-app bonuses to those who say they have been vaccinated against the virus.
Users will see adverts and banners for the Every Vaccination Gives Us Hope campaign - and they will be able to use vaccination badges and stickers, free “super” likes and other features.

All of these new features are optional, but the Department of Health and Social Care insisted there was research showing that people are more likely to date someone who has had a COVID-19 jab.

There have long been fears that the high take-up seen among older people might not be reflected in younger people, who face lower risk of death or complications from the virus.

People under 30 will be invited to book their vaccination from this week but there are early signs that take-up may turn out to be better than expected.

This looks like a smart way to incentivise people to get vaccinated. Seeing people vaccinated will definitely make me want to meet them. Happy to see this initiative as someone who’d like to see the virus eradicated.

My question is how well will this work in Africa where some countries don’t even have access to vaccines or just downright deny the existence of a virus altogether?

Okay that can only happen somewhere far from Africa. In Ghana koraaa; we laughed a Covid 19 tracker app that was non functional but pretended all is fine.

Others are using their covid apps to do change narratives out there while subconsciously educating the population to get vaccinated and stay healthy.

If you want to achieve something, you must device creative ways of going around it. This is an excellent innovation by the developer. People will now willingly take the jab knowing that they will benefit from that