Court throws out Odartey Lamptey ex-wife’s appeal to seize East Legon mansion

Gloria Appiah, Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife, has lost the second appeal to take over his seven-bedroom East Legon mansion as the Court of Appeal throws the case out.

Speaking to Kasapa FM after the court proceedings, Odartey Lamptey said, “It has been eight years of litigation, but I am grateful to God for always being there for me. Few people survive in this situation but thank Him that I am alive and kicking. I will always use this opportunity to thank each and everyone who supported me throughout this battle. In 2020, the court dismissed the first appeal to get the posh residence as part of her alimony.

In 2017, Accra High Court directed Miss Appiah to leave her ex-husband’s 7-bed room apartment at East Legon after the divorce. However, Odartey Lamptey was instructed to settle her with a 4-bedroom house at Dome, two cars and Ghc 200,000 in cash. Gloria Appiah was not satisfied with this judgement and filed an appeal against the ruling.
The first and the second appeal have both were dismissed.

Gloria Appiah blamed her infidelity on her husband’s inability to father a child after a DNA test revealed that all three children did not belong to him. Currently, Odartey Lamptey has three biological children with his new wife

I don’t know anything about law but why is it that in divorce cases it’s always the man who has to pay/give something to the woman? How does this work? Why is it never the case that the woman pays something to the man? :confused:

This very story irks me out bro. The woman wickedness surpasses that of Adolf Hitler. She was compensated with 4 bedroom house in Dome where I live. 200, 000 cedis in addition for arrant impunity in marriage, yet, this woman still wants the 7 bedroom in East Legon. Tueh