Coup d'etat hits Guinea Conakry

The Military in Guinea have just announced on national TV that they have taken over power but will respect the country’s construction. Sad development.



Reported military coup unfolding in the Republic of Guinea

— Borzou Daragahi 🖊🗒 (@borzou) September 5, 2021
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So you see Guinea, is overthrowing their government for increasing his own salary and decreasing the salary of the military! Not that I’m promoting violence but the politicians in Ghana are taking us for granted. Just recently Akufo Addo increased his own salary by a whopping 79%!

Yɛtete hɔ!! And they are looting us!

This is really sad :cry: and the

This was bound to happen. African leaders are overly sefish and want to remain in power even in wheel chairs and old age. This same president was instrumental in ousting the former president from office on grounds of prolong stay in power. Now that he’s assume the position, he’s repeating the same mistake.