Cost of Nana Addo’s foreign trips has nothing to do with national security – Haruna Iddrisu

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, has rejected the Finance Minister’s response to the question on the cost of President Akufo-Addo’s recent foreign trips, insisting that it is not a matter for the National Security Minister to answer.

The Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, after a long delay in responding to Okudzeto Ablakawa’s question in Parliament, said the President’s domestic and international travels are issues of the National Security Ministry and not the Ministry of Finance.

He also indicated that he did not make any specific releases to the Chief of Staff for the President’s trips to France, Belgium, and South Africa.

“Mr. Speaker, the President’s domestic and international travels are matters of National Security. The National Security Minister is best placed to furnish this Honourable House with the details needed.”

“In line with the 2021 judgment implementation instructions, the Ministry of Finance did not release any funds to the Chief of Staff, especially for His Excellency, the President’s trip to France, Belgium, and South Africa,” the Finance Minister.

But speaking at a forum organised by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, the Minority Leader said the evasive posture of the government on the issue is an affront to the Right To Information Act.

He thus cautioned that Parliament will not tolerate such practices.

According to him, the Finance Minister’s excuse was merely a ploy to avoid the question.

“The Minister of Finance is struggling to come and provide an answer to a question of Parliament on how much the President has spent on presidential travels, but this should not be difficult in a democracy. But understandably, I can see him struggling and hiding behind National Security and laws. To say a Minister of Finance does not know how much the President spent on travels is very wrong.”

However, the Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu disagreed with the observations of the Minority Leader.

According to him, the question was directed to the wrong person.

“I think that when the National Security Minister gets to Parliament, he will relate with it. It is not as if the Finance Minister is running away from it. He only said he does not have responsibility for it and our rules provide that we ask ministers who have official responsibility on a matter, and it is not as if is the Finance Ministry is what makes money available for payment of contractors.”

“So if you want to ask why contractors on road projects haven’t been paid, you go to the Roads Ministry and not the Finance Ministry. That is not how Parliament operates.”


Why don’t they want to ask the national security minister, maybe he has the answers perhaps the minister of finance only agreed on the funds the national security requested for in association to the trip , I think we would know what the finance minister means if we could only ask the national security minister

I think so too. Once they’ve been redirected to that ministry, they must summon the National security minister to the floor of parliament with immediate effect. This one dier no long talk.

Of course it doesn’t but the ministry of finance says it does so who are we to contest. The system is skewed towards the powerful and might. Whatever they say is finito . The private jet issue is not resting now until they account for the expenses

I think we should be fair to the president and the finance ministry. The parliament has the opportunity to call the defense minister to come answer the questions. Why are they forcing the finance Minister to say something he doesn’t want to. Sometimes, this things are security issues and must be handled with care

How is the president bathing in the sky in an expensive jet a security issue? The finance minister is running away from responsibility and shifting blame. Nothing more.