Correct me if I'm wrong but why space tourism/exploration - [Sneezes: exploitation]

Should we be thinking about life on another planet or focusing on sustaining what we have on Earth? I mean wouldn’t we simply repeat the process of planet destruction on another planet? And lest I forget, is Earth really done, a basket case so to speak?

BTW: Bezos looking old tho, oder?


Notice how when he said he’s pledging $2billion, no one clapped? Like it’s expected of him.

I like this guy for his immense success in business, but I think his resources would be best spent in fixing issues on Earth. We don’t need to “explore” space for civilians, scientists are already doing that for us.

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That’s right. I once listened to a world renowned Economist and Actuary (missing the name right now) and he said based on analysis, a billion dollars is enough for each person on earth right now to be happy and live life comfortably. Sadly, a group of men are holding on to more than they need, even for the next 20 generations after them.

You know, holding on to wealth dictates how powerful you can be, and you know mankind naturally has some insatiable thirst for power.

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That’s true. Don’t know if you’ve seen this docu…Money, happiness and eternal life - Greed (1/2) | DW Documentary - YouTube

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