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Congratulations to Macron

Well, that’s a relief for the current world order

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I’m so happy Le Pen wasn’t given the chance to ruin everything(EU and NATO Alliance). From the debate held, you could sense it from Marine Le Pen’s speech, that she was going to leave EU and also NATO alliance if voted into power.
Congrats to Emmanuel Macron for winning the elections. :clinking_glasses::partying_face::clap:t4::confetti_ball:

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ikr. At least 5 more years to see if the right can totally be kept out, not just at bay, hehe

That’s right. Marine Le Pen has also vow to put her last breath into the parliamentary elections and that will mean something. But I’m generally happy she lost the Presidential elections.

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Lol, everyone is happy Macron won, remember that Le Pen still lives to run again, she has time to get more followers. What if she wins the next election?

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I think Marine Le Pen made a statement about not standing again if she lose this particular elections and she did. Well according to her, this has paved way for their comeback in the next elections. What I do care about now is she didn’t win to fuck things up as she planned. She is fluent in Russian too and that’s speaks a lot of the things she would have done if given power.

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Not just that, she also has loans from Russian banks. Sat one-on-one with Putin on several occasions. She’s evil.


Acquiring loans from Russian Banks and having one on one encounter with Putin wow. She’d have just let Putin have his way through invading other Independent European countries with the help of France(That’s if she won). I’m extremely happy she did fail.

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I’m surprised how Africans are congratulating Macron for winning the election whiles he’s keeping many African countries in Shackles. France should be the number one country that must be despised among Africans

That’s another topic for discussion :smiley:

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Absolutely, that’s totally a different topic bro @ruffrider. On the one hand, his victory is good for the sanity of the global order, and then there’s/re the other part(s). You will also agree with me France is home to a large number of immigrants (Africans included) and I find that a good thing. :slight_smile:

France is home for many African immigrants, I agree.
But you’ll agree that is the same France that created the toxic environment people are fleeing from today @Aharon

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I totally concur @ruffrider, as have many other western/powerful nations. U mean people fleeing from France?

No doubt. But that’s also the reality on ground, and for someone to ignore that is to loose sight of the whole picture

I mean fleeing from the bad living conditions created by France in those African countries. France welcoming Africans is not helping the African people. Many of the Africans living in France will love to be in their country not France

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Ach so… I get it. In my opinion, it’s a little more complicated than that cuz it might not help Africa as a continent but individual Africans benefit a lot. Now, I’m sure you might have heard people say it’s not easy Abroad (illegal immigrants) but it’s much better than going back home (not that I agree with it). I belong to the school of thought that actually believes the forceful movement of our people Abroad with the wrong intentions messed up a lot for us (but it doesn’t have to end there for us) and for that reason, there’s always that preference or uptick to move Abroad. I also believe in the perks of globalization and would have wished that the narrative be different several generations before (there’s still hope tho) and by perks, I mean the equal sharing of the benefits of globalisation. But, that’s just not the case…

Maybe your intention is to discredit what I’m saying in favor of something else. But both legal
And illegal Africans all face the same treatment abroad. We’re not needed here, we are only tolerated here. best place to be is home so let’s fight for that instead of running from it

And you mention globalization. No where in the world do developing countries benefit the same as developed countries. Globalization is a hoax against developing countries

Now I’m not sure u really took the time to read through what I wrote @ruffrider. U notice I always allude to the concerns u bring up and then give another perspective, one thing I don’t do is discredit another’s viewpoint.
About globalization, I always quote Kofi Annan (just not here) about the equal sharing of its benefits. I wrote that I’d wish there’d be equal sharing but that’s not the case (it’s up there). The results are the re-emergence of the isms.
Writing about illegal immigrants was not to single out illegal immigrants but they suffer the maltreatment more (you’ve seen what happens in Spain, Italy with the coastguard and dogs when they arrive in the Mediterranean). I totally agree even legal immigrants are no exception (I’ve been around long enough to experience all that myself), but which will u prefer, to be tolerated and achieve your goals and go back home or be illegal and always look over your shoulder?
PS: In any case, I thought Earth was home…so it doesn’t matter where u find yourself…what do u think, I’m curious.

Talking of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, I will like to say the catalyst is almost the same. Is easy for a black person to get discriminated overseas and denied job opportunities but most people carry on regardless, but this is the reality many people live day in and day out. Earth is home yes, but home is where you get equal treatment and not belittle because you’ve a certain color or because of the religion one happens to be born into.

On globalization I always say the day a white man will extend his hand to a black person for agreement on something, you’ve to know the math has being already done, and black man will loose in the long run

You are also aware a similar canker exists within us blacks, better yet in Ghana. The share of the national cake is never equal, discrimination still exists even amongst us vis-a-vis tribe and ethnicity. Then there’re those families who believe they took over from the white colonizer and thus, it’s some sort of birthright to hold certain positions in Ghana, still sounds like home? Many leave because of these unequal opportunities back ‘home’. U apply to read a course in the Uni and certain people have already sent a list and so u are hardly even in the race, know what i mean?