Close season: Forestry Commission bans hunting of wild animals


The Forestry Commission has announced a ban on hunting or capturing of wild animals effective Sunday, August 1.

The ban is to be in force until Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

The ban, which is declared annually and known as the “Close Season” is in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 197, LI 685.

The Forestry Commission in a statement said persons found to have defied the ban will be held liable for the offence.

While it will be illegal throughout the period to hunt, capture or destroy any animal, a special licence can be issued to persons who want to hunt grass-cutter, also known as ‘Akrantie’

“The annual ban on hunting, capturing and destroying of wild animals otherwise known as “Close Season” begins on 1st August 2021 and ends on 1st December 2021 in conformity with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 1971, LI 685.”

“During this period, it shall be illegal for anybody to hunt, capture or destroy any wild animal except the grass cutter (Akrantie), which can be done only under Licence issued by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission.”

The Forestry Commission has annually announced the Closed Season in order to check the fast decline of wildlife in the country’s forest bodies.

The Forestry Commission has been of the view that the wealth of biodiversity the country has, is being lost due to encroachment, illegal mining, forest degradation, unbridled hunting among other things.

It has been observed that the decline of wildlife in the country must be reversed to sustain human livelihood and Ghana’s heritage.


So there’s close season for the the forest too. I thought it was only for the sea ooo. Well I think it’s a good move but only for the forest near the water bodies and close to Accra.

In my village,there can’t be close season for hunting. Animals in the forest may come hunting us if we don’t hunt them. We have lots of animals abundance in some places especially the forest. Wli and tafi in Volta region are examples


So those of us who only eat bush number, what happens to us. Please I need my ‘akrantie’ and rat meat to be prepared for my Sunday fufu oo , I beg them. Animals too , off season, for what? Are the animals going on leave and come back so we can catch them or what. Free the forest and allow us

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U know Ghana is full of talks…we go chop the antelopes, buffalos, grass cutters etc…
Is grass cutters not a wild animal? Or is a pet??:joy::joy:
They are all games. Eiiii so now discrimination goes on the game…kill this one, don’t kill this one. Are they not all animals???:joy::joy::joy:


Me wey adey like bush meat like that dier, starvation bi that ooo :laughing:
Forestry Commission should focus on the Green Ghana Project and leave us alone to hunt. God gave them to us and they can’t come and take it from us laa :joy: :joy:

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