Check Out The Winning Bonus Ghana Pay To Players Compare To Countries Like Brazil, Germany and Spain

Every national team pay their players bonuses whenever they win or they decide to play football for their nations. Ghana is one of the country who really pay huge sums of money as winning bonuses. A lot of people have complained about we paying our players these huge amount of money because they haven’t been able to win any trophy for the past 30 years.

Earlier today, TheProgrammeNews have chanced on a list which is wildly circulating around. The list contains a names of football nations and their winning bonuses they pay their players whenever they play and win matches for them. On the list, one could see countries like Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain and their winning bonuses. It is revealed that Ghana is the only country paying $15,000 to their players.

See picture of the list;

When this list surfaced on the internet, there have been a lot of comments from a lot of people.

Let’s see some comments from people;

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This is not funny oo. We cry that we don’t have money but always we do foolish things with the little we have . How can you pay a player 15000$ as winning bonus. What if the take the cup. Even countries we go to for help kraa don’t pay their players like that . If they are getting this huge sum of money how can they be serious

Eiiii then our players need to be lashed 16 each at their back

Their back will not cause much pain. They should lash their ears and neck :joy::joy::joy:

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See the messed up football these niggas dey play den see the bonus dem dey claim. Ei Ghana

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The morale and the love for the black stars is gone. We are sick and tired of them. Taking this huge amount of money and nothing to show for it. :broken_heart:

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Just a waste of money k3k3. We don’t gain any benefit from them.

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