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Check Out Hon Fuseini's Responses To A Journalist Who Asked Him What Caused The Fight In Parliament

The Minority in parliament argued with the Majority last night over the budget for 2022, which includes the contentious 1.75 per cent E-levy. Following the bill’s consideration, it was necessary to cast ballots in order to determine who was in favour and who was opposed to the bill. In the absence of Rt Hon Alban Bagbin, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Joseph Osei-Owusu, sat in the Speaker’s chair yesterday. A Speaker does not have a vote in Parliament, according to the Standing Orders.

However, the Majority in Parliament sought to deceive the Minority, so after the Second Deputy Speaker, Hon Andrew Amoako Asiamah, voted, they decided that he would assume the place of Speaker, allowing Hon Joseph Osei-Owusu to vote. In this way, they will get a majority of 138 votes for the bill to be passed. But the NDC MPs rushed into where the Speaker sat and disrupted this idea. It was actually a serious fight between the Majority and Minority in parliament.

After this incident, a journalist got closer to Hon Alhassan Bashir Fuseini, the Member of Parliament for the Sagnarigu Constituency in the Northern Region and asked him what brought about the misunderstanding and fight in Parliament.

Journalist: Hon ABA Fuseini, what caused the scuffle?

Hon ABA Fuseini: The Cheetah wanted to play a fast one on the lion. So the jungle was under siege.

Journalist: Must it take blows for Honourable members to settle disagreement?

Hon ABA Fuseini: The prodigal child does not listen to words. You must accompany words with knocks on the head.

Journalist: I don’t think you support the scuffle because you were missing when it started?

Hon ABA Fuseini: My brother, physical force can never permanently withstand spiritual force, I was praying for the fighters.

Journalist: But how do you tell Ghanaians about this incident? Is it not a shame?

Hon ABA Fuseini: A man floored in the market square by a pregnant woman knows no shame again. But I want to add that only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet. Those who received blows will learn to be careful like me.

Journalist: What’s next?

Hon ABA Fuseini: They’re not crying, we are not laughing either. When the cφck crows, it’s sending a message.

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